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June 27, 2013

I’ve posted the “IT’S HAPPENING” video too many times before, so just have this instead. Also…


So there was an update to Half-Life 2 that “accidentally” made everything Korean. People flipped out thinking it was going to lead to something HL3-related. I, among other people, VALVE included, brushed it off as a mistake. But then the Surgeon Simulator 2013 TF2 DLC had a mysterious object in it. Something with a note of some confusing stuff and Korean writing in the corner. I smell an ARG coming…

(I didn’t write this all out in full detail, you can look it up for everything because I’m lazy)

June 25, 2013

“ spread dead unborn pancake on my pants ”

I will not offer context, but this is something I said

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oh god Watamote chapter 43 was brilliant
obviously this is a random frame of it
if you don’t read Watamote fucking read it
"show me your dick"
"fuck off"

oh god Watamote chapter 43 was brilliant

obviously this is a random frame of it

if you don’t read Watamote fucking read it

"show me your dick"

"fuck off"

June 24, 2013

So I downloaded Hatoful Boyfriend and the Clannad and realized something.

This laptop is going to be stuffed with visual novels by the time it’s mine.

And I want to make a VRC7 remix of Nagisa’s theme, or pretty much ANY Clannad theme, since it has that dreamy-ness that VRC7 can do fantastically, if the soundtrack to Lagrange Point is any evidence.

Say, has anyone translated Lagrange Point yet? I’d love to play it.

June 23, 2013

Read maybe an hour of Clannad so far, an idunno-how-long (maybe a half-hour) of Higurashi, and I still haven’t continued on with KS or started Fate/Stay Night.

But when I was reading KS earlier, I noticed something odd… Kenji’s dorm number is 117. Lemme whip up a picture of Master Chief Kenji, brb.

June 23, 2013

So all of those VNs finished downloading, and now I have dumped nearly 8GB of visual novels onto this future laptop.

Less than a month ‘till it’s mine! :3

June 23, 2013

So I’m pretty much plunging straight into the visual novel medium, grabbing every big one I can think of, currently downloading Higurashi and Fate/Stay Night, and I have Clannad, Narcissu, and Katawa Shoujo on my future laptop.

Sad thing is, I think the only non-adult one out of all of them is Clannad. :P

I wish I could start a collection of anime figures somehow, but with bootlegs and crap I have no clue where I can look.

June 23, 2013


Let’s face it, Armikrog isn’t going to make it. four days left and the funding goal is only two-thirds done. It was a bizarre chance that The Neverhood happened, we’re pushing our luck thinking that something like it will happen again

June 22, 2013




June 22, 2013
June 14, 2013

I think I had the strangest dream I’ve ever had yet just last night. I feel like writing it down for lulz.

Not sure if there’s anything that happened before this, but for some reason I think my school was literally in my home, and I found some random pillow-like thing. I think I washed it and it turned into a Hatsune Miku dakimakura. o_O I went down from my attic it was in to show my friend for lulz, and when I came back up one of my favorite teachers was standing by it, not letting me have it or something. I was all “dude WTF?” and she went on about checks and balances for some reason, hardly relevant. I identified she was the G-Man (Half-LIfe 2, obviously) in disguise because she made a weird noise I must have associated with the G-Man. She turned back into the G-Man and that’s all I can remember for that part.

The next part is somewhat random, but all I can bother to remember is some loose stuff. I think I was in a different building, though it was still the school. I was using a random computer that was just a CRT monitor, like a normal one, not an old Macintosh. At first it ran Windows 98, and I was typing some random story (not even sure if there was a keyboard and mouse on it) or something onto floppies, then this annoying guy at school said something stupid and incorrect about computers (pet peeve! :P) as I was popping the floppy out, and then threw it at him for some reason, ‘cause people saying incorrect stuff about computers ticks me off. Not sure if he reacted. I turned it off, then eventually went back on. For some reason it decided to run Windows XP, and right when the logon screen appeared, John Carmack was on the screen, rambling about texture cache or something as I was trying to actually use the thing.


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Finished another FamiTasmagoria track!

This will also end up in a future album I confirmed on the description of the song’s page. Might fix some things, maybe before the album is finished finished (still going to be on May 21st because sauce)

Also, I came up with an awesome idea for a game.

You have a vague amount of time left in your life (probably to be made less vague by the difficulty setting) and you have a whole open world in front of you. An open world the size of something like GTA or Postal. And you can do what-the-fuck-ever you want before you die. Go to the store and buy some fucking milk then chug it at the front door! Murder 62 black guys and 12 Mexicans, (but spare the Islamic people!) because you’re a dirty racist! Snatch a baby and eat it! Maybe not the last one, but still, you’re going to die, so you won’t have to face the consequences of barbecuing babies at the Alcoholics Anonymous “bring your child because you can” cookout.